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Earth Beneath Our Feet is about the places where we spend our lives and that enable us to be ourselves. The places we call home, the places that we travel to, and just generally the places on the Earth that fill our hearts and broaden our minds and fill us with pride for what we are.

We would love to share some of these special moments and locations with you.

We hope you find it useful and inspiring!

Pierre & Julien

Meet Julien & Pierre

Two married guys from London ...

Hello and welcome!


We decided to combine our skills and interests on a common project: helping others! We love to travel. We are gastronome in the pure French tradition! We spent countless hours optimising our finances (to travel even more). And we share our personal experience of being gay nowadays. 


You will find on our blog self-help articles, service reviews, travel reviews, restaurant & bar reviews, personal stories and so much more.

Travel & Lifestyle

We love to travel ... 

This earth we all share is a boundless source of unique experiences, of broadening our horizons and of exposing ourselves to different cultures.

This is why we travel - as a way to learn new things, meet new people, discover amazing food and experience ways of life different from our own day-to-day. We hope that by following our journey we can add some inspiration to your next travel adventure...

... And much closer to home, there is so much to discover and do in London. We love the cocktails, good food and everything else this wonderful city has to offer!


Being Gay

Love is love ... 

Life as gay folks has never been so easy, at least in the UK. We can get married. We can become parents. We can be openly who we are at work, in the street. 


At least most of the time! So we would like to help others by sharing a bit of what we've learnt. Things like coming out to ourselves and/or family. Being out at work. Dealing with poor behaviour. Travelling. Building our own family. And so much more that most people take for granted but which is not quite so straightforward for us.

We would love to hear from you. And watch out for our upcoming initiative: 1,000 voices!

Being Gay

 Sharing What We've Seen And We've Learnt 

 As we travel more, live more and learn more, we look forward to passing on some of our experiences, so that hopefully they can inspire and inform your  own future life adventures. 

 If you would like to stay informed on when we post new content, sign up with  your email address here and we'll pop you a message each time we have a new  article.

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